Dissertation Methodology For Undergraduate Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Methodology For Undergraduate Dissertation Writing
Are you done with the literature review of your undergraduate dissertation or thesis? If yes, it is almost time to start working on the dissertation methodology section. Students mostly do not know how to write a good methodology. This is why I am creating this guideline for you based on the reviews of top professors. Let’s start with a very basic question.

What Is Methodology In Dissertation Writing?

Students have to discuss the methods employed to conduct their study and complete dissertation. The performance of a specific becomes a methodology. It tells the reader about what you did in your study how you did it. The dissertation methodology allows the reader to evaluate your research.

What Are The 5 Parts Of Methodology?

While it seems easy to write a methodology section, it can be the trickiest element. Every method is connected to another, which makes it even more challenging to create a link. Thus, the methodology section must comprise many elements. A brief description of the key five parts is as follows:

Logic of Inquiry

The logic of inquiry is the first part of a methodology. It should clearly state which method of research you are going to use, whether it is a qualitative method, a qualitative method or mixed. The student must explain why he has chosen the method in light of research questions.

Research Setting and Participants

Writing about the research setting and other contextual information helps the reader comprehend the topic. The socio-economic setting can come under the research setting. Information about the targeted audience holds equal importance. In fact, it helps you in the validation of your research.

Methods of Data Collection

As a researcher, you must also provide information about the data collection methods. This explanation is an integral part of a dissertation methodology. It does not matter if you have explained it before or not. The data collection methods must be enlisted in the methodology section. Some common ways to collect the data are interviews, experiments, surveys, and observation. Most of students face problems while working on data collection methods. They have option to buy dissertation online to experience a well researched dissertation.

Data Analysis Procedures

After data collection methods come the data analysis procedures which are used in a research. In the case of quantitative methods, the analysis method used is statistical. On the other hand, in qualitative research, theme and content analysis methods are used. Many researchers also use regression analysis techniques.

Ethical Issues

The researchers must be mindful of ethical issues in the research. In today’s world, academic rights are very important to everyone. Therefore, you should not breach ethical standards. It is highly likely that you may find a research methodology identical to yours. It does not mean you can copy and paste that methodology. It is unethical and can have serious implications. Thus, a dissertation methodology must be free from any unethical issue.

What Are The 4 Types Of Research Methodology?

An explanation of four types of research methodology is below;


Observational research involves conducting research purely based on your observation. The researcher himself observes the variables of the study. After careful observation of years and years, he concludes the topic. The data collection method of this research methodology include open-ended observation. Scientists sometimes also use some kind of sensors and instruments to observe the variables.


The experiment methodology involves the active intervention of the researcher. The investigator conducts the research in a controlled environment. It can be a lab or research institute. The researcher has full control of the variables of the study. Mostly, the students of sciences and technology use this type of dissertation methodology. The data in this research is often reproducible but can cost too much.


The next type of research methodology is simulation. The researcher creates a visual representation of the whole research. After the creation of the visuals, he studies them in a particular manner. The model or research variables do not possess a physical appearance. All the variables are put into the computer, and the researcher studies them in a virtual world.


The derived approach of dissertation methodology involves using existing data points. By using the existing knowledge, the researcher derives the new knowledge. For example, a mathematician uses the same numbers and develops different arithmetic mean formulas.

How Do You Write A Dissertation Methodology?

So far, I have discussed the parts and types of research methodology. But this information is not enough to write a dissertation methodology. Writing a methodology requires intense work and a lot of writing and researching skills. However, below are some of the points that can be helpful in writing the methodology section:

Explain your approach

Among the four points of writing a dissertation methodology, the first is explaining the research approach. You should always start by describing the overall methodological approach. For example, what type of data have you used and why? What are the questions you have answered in the research? Thus, discussing the approach is the first step.

Describe the methods of data collection

You may have listed your methods of data collection. Now is the time to describe them in detail. You need to give every inch of detail about the data collection methods. In simple words, it is about describing the procedure of every method. No matter what way you have used, complete details of the research environment and participants should be in the dissertation methodology.

Explaining the analysis methods

In the writing section, you must explain the analysis methods well. Whether you have used statistical or content analysis, describe them with full care. Avoid going into much detail, unlike in the result’s section of the dissertation.

Evaluate your choices

The methodology must be justified. Evaluate your primary methods used in the research and then use them. Also, you should discuss why other methods are not suitable for this study. It is important to show how the chosen dissertation methodology contributes to existing knowledge.


Research methodology is a very challenging section in a dissertation. You must write the dissertation methodology with full dedication and care. Some other writing guidelines are also present on the internet. You can look for them there.


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